Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy Holiday

It's Christmas.  2016 is nearly over.  Hopefully all people will happily wrap up 2016.

I don't have a special plan to celebrate 2016 ending. But currently I'm so satisfied with being at home.  Recently I poured all of my energy in Vegas and Portland.  Exciting vacation in Las Vegas and a meaningful visit family-in-law in Portland were so wonderful. The trip charged my emotion fully so for a while I can do stay in my tranquil town like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls drama.
I often used to go the man-made-sleepless city by a car. This time I should go there by a flight.  It's a big change to me.  Even many things are so familiar, but it's so exciting to see all of anything in Vegas AGAIN, still so fun to stay.  In Portland, they're getting more trendy cafes & restaurants & modern color structures than the last year. I think Portland seems to be more liberal with young spirit even the city used to be famous to retirees, not anymore I think.  My notion on the cities above is my own personal thought.  That's it.   

Every year comes with new hopes and dreams.  I sincerely hope your New Year's resolutions will come true.  Hopefully, the new year of 2017, I will get a new color(it's my own symbol) without any hassle. 

Merry Christmas!  &  Happy New Year

Let's get into the holiday spirit


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