Thursday, August 10, 2017

Know Time Slows Down in a Relaxed Environment

It’s August. My last post was in December last year. Many things happened to me till the end of July. My days were hectic with red-tape process, personal academic goals, and a visitor during a week break in Spring. I didn’t have proper leisure time. I was thinking I would be free all day every day in August, but I had to do something yesterday either. I think I’ve done something important what I could, and I’m waiting for its result coming this year, hopefully.
Now, I’m listening to music and blogging. I’m grateful for having 2 weeks break left. I don’t want to be out of town. This summer, I enjoy myself at home: having a cup of coffee in my back patio, reading any magazine for fun, baking, and cooking. Cooking is my favorite to do, sometimes it’s meditation for me too. But, I didn’t cook seriously. I mean I tried to cook simply so far. Even grocery shopping was quick and fast. I love browsing at Trader Joe’s, Whole foods, and other local grocery shops, but I couldn’t do that. It was luxurious hobby for me because I needed to spend my spare time to do school things and my personal preparations. Nowadays, I browse around at a grocery store. Also, I often think what I cook for dinner or other specialties because some of my favorite Korean foods need time to be done. My husband is also so happy to have specialties. He should be careful not to gain weight due to overeating.
BTW, one of my friend is leaving soon. Luckily, I can arrange time flexibly to meet her. Very recently, I threw a lunch party in my home with other friends. I was so glad to arrange a special lunch for her. It’s always happy to be a host for my lovely people, but it was not perfect because I forgot to take pictures of us together. Hahaha 

This month, I often take time to look up a beautiful summer sky. I also had a lunch with my husband during his lunch break near his work place. WOW I'm really free now. 

I wish time slows down this August.

 lunch with my husband at a new restaurant near his work place

two burgers for me and him

beautiful blue sky on a summer day

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